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There is no disease without a disturbing factor - the triggers. They are the ones that start and generate all the symptoms, they are the underlying cause of any disease. There is a cause, triggers, and a reaction expressed as symptoms or disease. 

Triggers can be physical or psychological in nature: accidents, toxins, microbes, mental or emotional stress. These are external triggers, but there is another category much deeper and powerful, the internal triggers. Those genetically inherited from our parents, and those traumas acquired during our life, especially from childhood.

The first step for the treatment of any disease is the identification and elimination of the triggers. For example, a virus related disease cannot be cured unless we remove the virus, the trigger. There is no point to keep treating the symptoms created by the virus, we either kill the virus or stuck with the disease for life. Once the virus is removed, our body starts quickly to recover and heal.

For chronic diseases there is another step, the elimination of the miasms​. They are the root of any chronic disease. They are the vibrations that block, obstruct the flow of life-force and thus the body becomes badly nourished, looses its vitality, atrophies and this deficient state can manifest as chronic disease. Once the miasms are settled there is no healing, no recovery ever, unless they are removed. 

Ever wonder when someone says about a painful emotional trauma:
​“Well, I put it behind me”, what that means? It means the trauma was suppressed and stored deep into the cells memory, and later become an inner trigger. The person moved on, but the trauma/trigger is still there, intact. Those painful memories play an important role in our health, and not only, it affects our personality and behavior.

How? Let’s take a classical example where the father was an alcoholic and the little girl grows up and marries an alcoholic, ultimately divorces, only to end up with another alcoholic. She marry the same guy, but in different package. She doesn’t look smart, but this has nothing to do with intelligence, and everything to do with the inner triggers. This is all a set up since she was conceived… she just doesn’t know it yet.​

All creativity is the result of breaking somebody rules, and TML is no exception. It breaks the totality-of-symptoms and the single remedy rules, and goes straight to the core of any disease. Most medical and healing systems treat a specific disease with a specific drug, herb or remedy. With TML approach we can treat different chronic diseases with the same remedies because the fundamental, the core treatment for every disease is the same: Triggers, Miasms, Life-force (TML).

​​​Remember, the word treatment doesn't mean much, unless it leads to healing. The TML healing system is based on practical results, it helped to solve the most difficult cases, as seen in this complex case of brain aneurysm where both brothers inherited the aneurysm from their father. While the father followed the allopathic treatment, the older brother followed naturopathic treatment. They both died the same year. The younger brother chose TML and this is his testimonial:

"Years before my father and brother passed away suddenly from brain aneurysm, I had a litany of aneurysm symptoms that included debilitating migraine headaches that left me hospitalized. Fortunately I found Virgil and his new TML approach to treating chronic disease. Now I have been headache free for many years, my other symptoms are gone and I am alive to tell people that I feel better than ever.
​Jason D, Vancouver, BC

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