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The Virus Antibiotic - VRX

Viruses are the simplest and tiniest of all microbes, about 10,000 times smaller than bacteria. Once inside the body, the virus inserts its genetic material into the cell’s DNA and start multiplying, or simply lies asleep. 

The nightmare of any virus infection lies in the virus resistance to any medication. When it comes to treatment every doctor reminds you the same thing: “there is no cure for virus”. All virus infections are suppressed, but never cured. There are no drugs or remedies that can kill a virus, you stuck with it for life.

The discovery and development of VRX it’s a new beginning. For the first time there is a remedy that can kill a virus, the way antibiotics kill bacteria. VRX kills the virus directly, not indirectly by ‘boosting’ the immune system. While antibiotics are specific, for different type of bacteria you need a  different antibiotic, VRX can kill almost any type of virus.

What makes VRX so effective and versatile it is the ability to destroy the etheric body of the virus. Everything that is alive has an etheric body, that bio-energetic field that keeps alive every biological system (humans, plants, animals). It's like electricity that feeds your computer or your TV,
​if you unplug they are instantly dead.

VRX ability to destroy the bio-field of any virus, makes it impossible for the virus to survive, or to mutate creating remedy resistance. The way it happens today when many strains of bacteria became resistant to the strongest antibiotics.

For those with multiple health problems, VRX does not interfere with chemical drugs. If you have other health issues and you have to take your daily medication, VRX will not interfere. Unlike synthetic antibiotics VRX is natural, it has zero side effects. 

How does it feel to have just one remedy that can be taken when you’ve got infected with... any type of virus. A natural remedy that has no side effects, a remedy that doesn’t interfere with your daily medication.
This is VRX.

About 12 years ago my husband developed shingles. He is not a fan of alternative medicine, so he followed the doctors treatments to the letter. Nothing really worked, in time his condition got worse. He even took the shingles vaccine which in the end made his condition unbearable. It was then when he agree to start VRX.

After two rounds of VRX no more ulcers or bleeding, and most of the blisters disappeared. The pains also went down. Now he started the second part of the treatment, to restore and heal the nerves damaged by the virus. It’s amazing to see all this happening in such a short time, after years of pains and trying everything.

Popescu D, Ottawa

I’ve been struggling with herpes, cold-sores, all my life. The doctors told me there is no cure and they gave me all kinds of unguents and pills, and nothing worked. The blisters were back every month, when it was too cold, too windy, too sunny or when life was stressful.

And it took decades until I heard about VRX. First, I took the remedy for a really bad flu and then my cold-sores blisters disappeared also. Because I was told that VRX kills both types of viruses, herpes and flu, I took the remedy a few more rounds, every time I had a cold-sores eruption, and I’ve been herpes free since. Me, who used to have cold sores almost every month.

​Gina P
, Vancouver