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Concussion is a mild, traumatic injury to the brain. It's not a life-threatening injury, but can cause short and long term problems. Concussions do not include injuries where there is tearing or bleeding in the brain. People who had multiple concussions, might suffer cumulative neurological damage that can lead later in life to Depression, Alzheimer, CTE...

"A large segment of society thinks that concussions are innocuous and everybody recovers from them, and the life is going to be merry ever after. That is absolutely not true." Dr. Robert Cantu, neurosurgeon.
What is really happening during an accident that makes head concussion so hard to treat? While the common belief is that a concussion is a bruise to the brain that hit the skull during the accident, this is inaccurate. Bruising suggests bleeding, and a concussed brain does not bleed. In fact, images of a concussed brain may look normal as generally concussions do not show up on MRI or CT scans.

The root of all concussion problems is the vibration that stems from the blow itself. This vibration gets stored in the brain neurones and later become the trigger, the source of all the symptoms associated with the accident: pains, dizziness, blurred vision, memory loss, depression… This is the undetected problem. Even though the MRI or CT scans show no physical damage, people still complain about many disturbing symptoms for years.

The conventional medicine treatment is usually rest, ice and painkillers. “The best treatment is time, to allow the brain to heal”. In other words, they don't have a treatment, they ‘manage’ the concussion... they expect you to heal on your on. “The true issue of this ‘concussion crisis’ is not the actual injury, rather the mismanagement of the injury that has led us to where we are now” Dustin Fink. In deed, when people come for treatment they usually are in a worse shape they were right after the accident.


About 20 years ago, I had two serious car accidents. I had severe whiplash (or soft tissue damage, as the medical profession refers to it). As a result, since that time I had to go repeatedly and often to both a chiropractor and massage therapist, twice a week, every week, month after month and year after year, just to keep barely functioning, just to keep my job.

The deep tissue massage was extremely painful to undergo and afterwards I was inflamed and sore – sometimes unable to do anything more than lay around for days until I could move again. The massage, chiropractor, physio and medications that the doctors recommended made serious impact on my finances and yet my health did not improve. In fact, it became worse.

I was never pain free, and I constantly missed work due to my condition. I even considered working less and attempting to go onto medical disability. I had what the doctors refer to as a chronic condition. Nothing could be further from the truth. Since being treated by Virgil, I am completely cured, pain free. And he only treated me for a short time, only five sessions. Now, I am able to do anything I choose to: move heavy boxes, sleep in any hotel bed without discomfort, travel for hours by car, vacuum, garden, all completely without discomfort.

Can you imagine? After years of pain, of canceling engagements, of calling in sick to work – now, nothing. I enjoy my life and the health that Virgil has returned to me through his homeopathic treatment. I am in my 50’s now and able to do more than before. I swim, ride my bike, dance, garden and clean… all with ease. No more migraines, no more headaches, no more massage or chiropractor appointments and no more medication.

​With grateful appreciation,
Sharon Beaver
New Westminster, BC

Dear Virgil,
it's been over a year since my treatment with you and no-one can imagine how my life has changed since then. I had no idea what homeopathy could do and the power this treatment had to cure my chronic whiplash pain. I'm so impressed with the outcome of the treatment as I had tried "everything else". This "everything else" included massage, acupuncture, chiropractor, reiki, painkillers on a daily basis, stretching techniques, etc. Your treatment in Feb. 2006 was pretty much my 'last resort'. I had nothing else to lose and could not continue living my life in such constant pain and tiredness. After only a few months of treatment, I felt more alive and energized than I've ever been in my life. I started doing and planning my life like never before.

​​By the end of the treatment I managed to have another car accident (imagine that) and of course I came back for another treatment to be cured again! Now I know that during my busy and active life that if I do anything to re-activate the whiplash that I can come back for a few treatments and get on with my life. It's absolutely amazing! Thank you SO MUCH Virgil for a new beginning!

Debby Brouwer
North Vancouver, BC, Canada

My 13 year old grand daughter Paloma had two back to back concussion within a 6 month time period. The second really took its toll on her with violent headaches, dizziness, confusion and loss of appetite. She went from getting A’s and loving math to being totally confused about algebra, getting D’s and F’s. I also noticed that she started to forget things that she would normally remember.

The doctor just sent her home with medicines which didn’t help at all. After taking your homeopathic treatment over a period of three months, she returned to normal. All her symptoms went away very quickly, however we had to wait until September when school started to see if her grades were going to be okay. Well, she is back, this time to A+ in algebra and loving it.

Also, where can I learn more about this new treatment? I think about people like Muhammad Ali and other hockey and football players whom this amazing homeopathic treatment could have helped.

Thanks again,
Carmen Hernandez
Sacramento, CA, USA


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