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Emotional Pain Treatment​​
There is no health without emotional health. Over 90% of all illnesses are caused by mental and emotional stress. It is the number one reason for doctor visits in America today and the psychiatric drugs prescribed are second only to painkillers.

Emotional pain is an umbrella term for: fear, anxiety, anger, depression, PTSD, panic attacks... all the negative emotions. The associated physical symptoms can go from: racing heartbeat, fatigue or muscle tension to insomnia and nightmares. Following a traumatic event, the symptoms do not always develop immediately, it can take months or years to develop.

When it comes to treatment, people assume there are medical drugs,
​talk-therapy and everything is going to be fine. What they don’t know is that the effect of medical drugs is temporary. At the beginning they seem to relieve the pain, but the effect will last as long as you are under the influence. As soon as the medical drug wears off, the emotional pain is back… there is no healing. Not to mention the devastating side effects of psychiatric drugs.

Suppressing one's emotions with drugs or ineffective treatments often leads to a later explosion of those emotions. As they are pushed deeper into our system, sooner or later these accumulations will explode, and bubble up as physical or emotional disease. In other words, sometimes
​“the cure” leads to a worsening of the very problem they’re trying to solve.

Treating emotional traumas, we don’t deal with physical level, we deal with a high vibrational entity - emotional body. Our emotions cannot be treated and healed with physical means like: chemical drugs, herbs or vitamins. This is the reason why emotional problems are so difficult to treat and heal, why the standard procedures and medical drugs are so ineffective, why mental emotional problems reached an epidemic level today.

No physical remedy can have a major impact on this vibrational field, unless they are vibrational in nature as well. And these are vibrational remedies. I am not talking about the regular homeopathic remedies you find in health food stores, or you buy from your homeopath. I am talking about the new homeopathic formula, EML.

Clinically tested for the past years, this remedy/formula open a new era for the treatment of mental emotional problems, a field where there are not many real options to choose from. EML is a breakthrough formula that effectively treat deep, life long emotional traumas​.

How do I feel? What I can say is: I do not want to feel fear, always. Fear of everything, sometimes low-grade, sometimes acute but always present. Fear that needs to attach to something, anything and there is always lots to attach to. When I take EML, I am not afraid. I perceive events objectively not subjectively. With EML… it is all fine. What a wonderful, wonderful remedy you have created.”
Charles D, Vancouver, BC

“As someone who has used homeopathy and other complimentary medicines for years (long having given up on conventional medicine) I have to tell you EML is a breakthrough remedy. It is unique in its ability to cleanse what I call internal tension. Just a few days after starting EML I began to experience a profound feeling of calm and mental relaxation. I began to smile, be able to ‘go with the flow’, and I found my activities to be easy. EML is always good - like a vacation from life.”   
Vincent C, Coquitlam, BC