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Mental illness has been ranked the number one cause of adult disability in America, affecting 1 in 4 adults. In U.S. alone, nearly 80 million people are taking psychiatric drugs, including 8.5 million children. Almost every single family in US is in some way affected.

When we talk about mental health we are talking about our mind. It is the mind that does the thinking not the brain. The brain is a physical organ, a biochemical mechanism which converts mind thoughts in physical impulses. Unlike the brain, our mind is vibrational, energetic in nature, quite the opposite. Confusing the mind with the brain it’s like confusing the singer with the microphone.

When it comes to mental illness conventional medicine focuses solely on the brain, instead of mind. They are always looking for something physical: an inflammation, a virus, bleeding or a chemical imbalance. If they cannot find one, the only thing they can do (they have to do something) they suppress the symptoms. This is the reason why the psychiatric drugs deepen, make it even worse any mental health problem.

The conventional treatment or the alternative ones can go from psychiatric drugs (all caring serious FDA warning) to electroconvulsive therapy to TFT, EMT to acupuncture, hypnotherapy, herbs or supplements. Do they work, are they effective… why do you think we have an epidemic?

The high vibrational mental level cannot be treated and healed with physical means: drugs, herbs or supplements. No physical remedies can have a major impact on this vibrational field, unless they are vibrational in nature as well. And these are the homeopathic, vibrational remedies.

I am not talking about the classical homeopathic remedies you get from your homeopath, or buy from health food store. I am talking about MEX, this unique and effective remedy. Developed and clinically tested for the past years, MEX is a breakthrough for the treatment of mental problems,
​a field where there are not real many options to choose from.

MEX has a large spectrum of action, it's not limited only to mental illnesses. If you are mentally balanced, MEX can take you to the next level, it helps you be more focused, more productive, it brings you that creative spark. People who work in research, programming, sportsmen or students during exams can benefit greatly from MEX. No need for stimulants, nootropics or mushrooms which in time make you pay a heavy price. With MEX there are zero side effects, you can take it for life.


After taking MEX the mood was extraordinary. I was like a drunk person but without alcohol! I felt enormous joy, ready to explode from happiness! You feel very light, everything is easy and no worries, zero. And from here the danger being encapsulated in a body (mine is handicapped) which cannot function on a par with the inner enthusiasm. So you have to be constantly careful and aware that you cannot jump the fence or dance on a table even though you feel like you can. I woke up next morning happy like a child, grateful for the new day which you anticipate to be wonderful, and wondering how people can be so stressed and worried.
Severina L, Ottawa, ON

"I was a shy person my whole life, talking with people with a tremor in my voice, preparing the speeches long ahead of time, or giving up expressing my opinion because of lack of confidence. Well, MEX changed all that. From the first week I was able to take decisions without hesitation, I knew exactly what to do, and how I wanted things to be done. I had solutions and not anxiety for the everyday challenges. I felt on top of things all the time.

What a wonderful feeling to be confident, to talk in front of a large audience without any preparations, with no emotions in my voice. MEX helped me be the way I always wanted to be."
Georgette P. ​ Vancouver, BC

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