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     Miasms and Chronic Diseases
There are two types of diseases: acute and chronic. What is the real difference between them? Every medical dictionary gives you only the description, but not the cause of chronic disease.

The real cause of any chronic disease is the miasm. One can say that a chronic disease is an acute disease with a miasm attached, making the acute disease to run over and over… never ending, like a broken record. Once the miasm is settled there is no healing, no recovery ever, unless the miasm is removed.

What is the miasm? In the physical world there is matter and the opposite: anti-matter. In health we have life-force and the opposite: the miasm. Health happens when our life-force flows freely through our body. When miasms settle in our body, the life-force flow is obstructed and as a result the body is badly nourished, looses its vitality, atrophies and this deficient state can manifest as disease. It’s not the miasm that does the damage directly, but the blockage, the void of life-force it creates.

It is paramount to understand the profound impact the miasms have on chronic diseases. Today the patients are treated for their symptoms, yet the underlying miasm is not considered and removed. What the medicine sees as the root of a chronic disease - say an emotional trauma - it is in fact only the trigger. Once the miasm settled in, just removing the “root” (emotional trauma) is not enough… the real root is still inside, intact. Effectively treating the miasms is crucial to cure chronic diseases, otherwise everything else will be just temporary.

How to effectively treat and eliminate the miasms? The miasms were discovered two centuries ago by Hahnemann - the father of homeopathy - and he developed nosodes to treat the miasms. The nosodes are homeopathic remedies made from bodily tissues and fluids taken from a patient suffering from a chronic disease. While nosodes have an impact in the treatment of chronic diseases, they do not completely remove the miasms. In fact, removing all the miasms from the body was a homeopathic dream. Not anymore... with the new remedy called MSM, this task can be accomplished in a simple and effective way.

​​How is this accomplished? Every day our body is renewing itself. Every second millions of cells die and new ones replace them. The whole cycle of renewing is complete every three years. Problem is, a person with a chronic liver disease after three years becomes a brand new... chronic liver person. Why? Our genetic material along with the miasms are passed to the new cells. This is the reason why after each tissue regeneration cycle, we keep staying chronic ill - the old garbage is passed to the new generation of cells. And that’s what MSM remedy does: it filters and cut the passing of the miasms to the new cells, thus ending the cycle.

The fight with chronic disease is the fight with the miasms. The way a virus related disease cannot be cured unless we remove the virus - there is no point to keep treating the symptoms created by the virus - you either kill the virus or stuck with the disease forever. Same with the miasms, if we don’t effectively remove the miasms, in long term we are loosing the battle with chronic diseases.