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TML - A New Healing System 

​​​​The way one looks at disease determines the way one treats the disease. Chinese medicine sees disease as a blockage to the flow of Chi through the body and as a result, they try to remove those blockages. Ayurveda sees disease as an imbalance of the three doshas, and the treatment aims to rebalance the doshas.

Homeopathy sees disease as a group of symptoms at physical, mental and emotional level, and the aim is to find a remedy that matches the totality of those symptoms. It works on one-on-one manner, where the homeopath is a matchmaker between the patient symptoms and the remedy characteristics.

By its structure, homeopathy doesn’t treat directly the root of disease, instead it uses the symptoms generated by the root to find the right remedy. And this is what homeopaths do: they operate in the field of symptoms narrowing down specific remedies from the repertory.

Classical homeopathy works very well, however, when it comes to major chronic diseases we are facing today (Cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer), it has its limits. Our track records show that even well known homeopaths started to die from cancer, and I don’t think this trend is going to stop unless we start to find new approaches and new remedies to treat chronic diseases.

Every medical system has to answer two questions: what is disease, and what is healing. The answer to these questions is paramount because the way you see the disease, that’s how you treat the disease.

What is disease
There is no disease without a disturbing factor - the trigger. This is the one that initiates and starts the disease in the first place. Disease is our continue flow of healing reactions to any trigger. There is a cause (triggers) and there is an effect (healing reactions) expressed as symptoms, flare-ups, crises, aggravations…

Every disease is the same for everyone... the way we react is different, individual. If that’s the case then why don’t we go directly to the root of the problem? Treating the root directly remove the individuality. The closer we get to the core, the more the treatment will be the same for every person. In epidemics we use one remedy that fits all, because the trigger is the same. It doesn’t matter how we react individually, once the virus/trigger is gone, the body starts quickly to recover.

Healing occurs when life-force penetrates in the void created by elimination of toxins: physical and vibrational. It happens when our life-force flows freely through our body. Healing is a matter of bringing more life-force into the system which speeds up tissue regeneration and nutrients absorption to rebuilt and restore the cells, tissue and organs affected.

Health is not a state of being-sick or not-being-sick. True health it’s like a scale, a ladder where one can go up and up, or down and down from being healthy, creative, spiritual to going down being sick, chronic-sick, dying. This up and down fluctuation is dynamic, it happen all the time, every day.

We are attacked by microbes, toxins, stress, emotional traumas all the time, and there is always a healing response, a bounce back from our body. When the stressor is very powerful or is challenging us for a long time our system breaks, and we stuck at that level on the health-scale for a while until recovery takes place or... it can get worse. 

The TML approach is based on three basic factors that represent the core treatment for any disease: Triggers, Miasms, Life-force (TML)

I. Triggers
There is no disease without a trigger. They can be physical or psychological in nature: microbes, toxins, accidents, wrong diet or mental emotional traumas. If the triggers are not eliminated, dealt with, the person will be in a continue state of illness, a condition known as chronic disease.

Most triggers are external, coming from outside, but there is another category, much deeper, the internal triggers: those genetically inherited from our parents, and those acquired during our life. The internal triggers are stored in our cells memory.

Cell Memory
Cellular memory is where our genetic and life memories are stored, and DNA is its physical storage medium. According to doctor Nick Goldman from European Bioinformatics Institute, one gram of DNA can hold the same information as a million compact discs.

The memories stored in our DNA can be passive for a while, and then can be activated, released from time to time by different triggers. The more traumatic the event, the stronger the memory and more compelled to be released. Our cellular memory pre-disposes, programs us to perceive and behave in a certain way.

Our cells remember all we have been in this life right up to the present day. As we develop, change and grow in any aspect of our life, our cells constantly update this personal data, based on our new experiences. We are looking to the world (our perception) through the eyes of our constantly changing cellular memory.

This is why we are so impressionable beings, because of this permanent memory update of our database. When we try to make an impression on others, what we really do, we try to leave a memory trace on them, forcing them to update their database with memories of us.

Our ever-expanding collection of bad memories is what makes us more and more rigid over the years. When we see an old grumpy man, we can have a pretty good idea what kind of life experiences he had, what’s stored in his body cells. We really are biological databases of knowledge and experiences.

II. Miasms
In the physical world there is matter and its opposite anti-matter, in health we have life-force and miasms. Health happens when our life-force flows freely through our body. When miasms settle in our body, the life-force flow is obstructed, the body is badly nourished, looses its vitality, atrophies and this deficient state can manifest as disease. It’s not the miasm that does the damage directly, but the void of life-force it creates.

Treating effectively the miasms is paramount for alternative movement because miasms are the real root for all chronic diseases. According to TML, there are seven basic miasms, the four classical ones (Psora, Sycosis, Tubercular, Syphilis) and other three basic miasms, which are not recognized yet by classical homeopathy: Petrochemical, Heavy-Metal and Radiation miasm. All those new miasms, that many authors are talking about in their books, are just combinations of those seven basic miasms.

It’s not about how many miasms are there… the most important thing is that we don’t have effective remedies to remove them. The fight with chronic disease is the fight with the miasms. If we don’t have effective remedies to remove the miasms, in long term we are going to loose the battle. Removing all the miasms was a homeopathic dream.

Not anymore, with the new MSM remedy this task can be accomplished in a simple and effective way. Why simple? Because there is no need to know how many miasms are there or any other details… they are just removed all together from the body. How is this possible, how is this accomplished?

Every day our body is renewing itself, every second millions of cells die and new ones replace them. The whole cycle of renewing is complete every three years. Problem is, a person with a chronic liver disease after three years becomes a brand new... chronic liver person. Our genetic material along with the miasms are passed to the new cells. This is the reason why after each tissue regeneration cycle, we keep staying chronic ill - the old garbage is passed to the new generation of cells. And that’s where MSM acts. It filters, cuts the passing of the miasms into the new cells, thus ending the cycle.

III. Life Force
Healing occurs when life-force penetrates into the void left after the removal of blockages. Practitioners usually remove the blockages but do not manage to amplify and permit the Life-force to enter, thus recreating the circumstances. Health happens when the life-force flows freely through our body.

Unfortunately we don't have enough life-force because we're using it daily for many other things: stress, fighting microbes, toxins, smoking, drinking, drugs, chemical-drugs… The craving for comfort food is our quick response, our instinct to look for life-force, unfortunately our processed food is dead food, no life-force left there. 

The new approach is simple: remove the triggers, remove the miasms, amplify the life-force intake and any disease can be healed. But this requires very powerful, deep acting remedies to accomplish such a big task. The best part of TML is its new remedies. They are the one that implement the whole approach, make it real and practical. After all, a doctor is as good as its medicine.

Almost all creativity is the result of breaking somebody rules, and TML is no exception. It breaks the totality-of-symptoms and the single remedy rules, but it goes straight to the core of any disease. Most medical and healing systems treat a specific disease with a specific drug, herb or remedy - or treat a specific group of symptoms with a specific remedy. With TML approach we can collapse that. We can treat different diseases with the same remedies because the fundamental, the core treatment for every disease is the same: Triggers, Miasms, Life-force (TML).

The most important thing evaluating the value of a new theory is its practical results. In one of his YouTube videos Sankaran suggested to the critics of homeopathy: “Why don’t you look at results first and comment or criticize later?”. The same statement is valid for TML. The new approach and the new remedies helped me greatly in my practice to solve the most difficult cases. 

Well, I let you process this new information and see how it resonates with you. TML works, always does, it’s so reliable it gave me back that feeling I would call it: the joy of practicing homeopathy.

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